"Walking women want to see the southern cross at night
And so they set aside a sock, and tie their laces tight
Yes mournful is the melody that echoes in their heads
Without a beat they march along, believing Bach is dead"
The Residents, Duck Stab, 1978

o que foi:

Nurse With Wound/ Cyclobe – “Root Canal Splinter (Penetration mix)” (Angry Eelectric Finger (Spitch'cock One)) 2004
Shim Sang-gun – “Chinhyangjo” (Kayagum Sanjo) Anos 30
Shim Sang-gun – “Chung jung mori (1)” (Kayagum Sanjo) 1927
Michio Miyagi – “Sakura Henso-Kyaku” (Masterpieces of Koto by M. Miyagi) 1957

Sato Chiyako – “Haha no uta” ? 1930
The Residents (w/ Snakefinger) – “Sinister Exaggerator” (Duck Stab) 1978
Costin Miereanau – “Parte seconda (prima)” (Luna Cinese) 1975

Doo-Dooettes – “(Twenty four)” (Live at the Brand) 1976

Anal Magic & the Rev. Dwight Frizzell – “O what joy it is to know you have a turtle heart” + "Pre-Transformation of Turtle to Bird" (Beyond the Black Crack) 1976
Brainticket – “Radagacuca” (Psychonaut) 1972
Surprieze – “Lazarus” (
Zeer Oude Klanken en Heel Nieuwe Geluiden) 1973

(o que não foi:
Gamelan GongSekar Anjar and Gendèr Wajang – “Sekar Sungsang” (The Exotic Sounds of
Bali) s/d

Ghédalia Tazartès – “Rien qu’au soleil” (Diasporas & Tazartès) 1977-80’
Maschine nº9 – “Titel 1” (Headmovie) 1974)

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