where the triangle meets the eye

O equinócio de Outono foi celebrado assim na Rádio Universidade:

Christine 23 Onna - "Space Mondo Topless" (Acid Eater) 2002
Fifty Foot Hose - "Cauldron" (Cauldron) 1967-68

The Monks - "Blast Off!" (Black Monk Time) 1965
13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss me" (The Psychedelic Sounds of 13th Floor Elevators) 1966

The United States of America - "The American Metaphysical Circus" (The United States of America) 1968
Creedence Clear Water Revival - "Bad Moon Rising" (7")
Silver Apples - "Seagreen Serenades" (Silver Apples) 1968
The Monks - "Monk Time" (Black Monk Time) 1965
Harvey Matusow's Jew's Harp Band - "Wetsocks" (The War between Fats and Thins) 1969
Ken Nordine - "Fuschia" (Colors) 1967
The Fuzztones - "Radar Eyes" (Lysergic Emanations) 1985

Les Rallizes Dénudés - "Strong Out Deeper than the Nig" (Heavier than a death in the family) 1973/1991
Acid Mother's Temple & The Melting Paradiso UFO - "Universe of Romance" (New Geocentric World of Acid Mothers Temple) 2001
Fifty Foot Hose - "Bad Trip" (Cauldron) 1967-68
Psychic TV - "Good Vibrations" (Godstar: Thee Director's Cut) 2004
13th Floor Elevators - "Reverberation (Doubt)" (The Psychedelic Sounds of 13th Floor Elevators) 1966
Xhol Caravan - "Electric Funtrip" (Electrip) 1969
Sand - "Golem - Helicopter" (Ultrasonic Seraphim) 1974/1996

angelic choir streaming

Playlist de 25 de Agosto

Stream Angel - "Shattered Hand, Winter Fury" (Love & Imagination)
Stream Angel - "Some Tragic Dance of Water" (Love & Imagination)
DDAA - "Marche sur Tokyo" (Action et Demonstration Japonaise)
Die Tödliche Doris - "Naturekatastrophenkonzert" (Kinderringelreihen für wahren toren des Grals)
Sprung Aus Den Wolken - "Soso" (Dub and Die)
DAF - "Der Mussolini" (Alles ist Gut)
The Pop Group - "The boys from Brazil" (Y)
SSION - "Nick the Stripper" (The Birthday Party as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G)
Tones on Tail - "Christian Says
" (Night Music)
Martin Rev - T/D (Martin Rev)
Coil - "The Wheel" + "The First Five Minutes after Death" (Gold is the Metal)
The Threshold House Boys Choir - "So Young It Knows No Maturing" (Form Grows Rampant)
Stream Angel - "When Apples speak of Leaves" (Love & Imagination)