hassake's digital highway

Tecnosterona 18/08/2007

Omar Souleyman - "Jani"+"Leh Jani" (Highway to Hassake) 2007
Dj/rupture - Bin Scrape Laden 12" 2001
Sickboy - "March of the Antifa" (Domino 05)
Omar Souleyman - "Atarat" (Highway to Hassake)
Costes - "I Love A Jewish Boy" (Bible and Machine Gun) 2001
Omar Souleyman - "Dabke 2001" (Highway to Hassake)
Costes - "Mille et Une Nuits" (Bible and Machine Gun)
Duran Duran Duran - "Hard Girls" (Very Pleasure) 2005
Venetian Snares - "More Drugs Less Love (7 Sevens.med) EP 2000
Venetian Snares - "Vokeheads" (Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006) 2002
Seppuku Fashion - ?unknown track
Venetian Snares - "More Drugs & Bass" (7 Sevens.med) EP 2000
Noize Creators - ?unknown track
Nuke Satori - untitled circa 2001
Bomb 20 - "Donutz and Blood" (DHR - RIOT ZONE) 1997
Alec Empire - "The Peak" (DHR - RIOT ZONE) 1997
Omar Souleyman - "Jani(2)" (Highway to Hassake) 2007

rite of exorcism

"Depression is the most common symptom and amnesia is considered the pathogenic sign of MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder]. In almost all cases there is a history of physical or sexual abuse in childhood, 50% being through Satanic abuse." Check UCCF

Tecnosterona 11/08/2007

The Rite Of Exorcism (Crunch Records 1974)
Diamanda Galàs - Vena Cava
Khlyst - (II) Chaos is My Name
KTL - "Estranged" Kinder Toten Lieder
KTL - "Forest Floor" Kinder Toten Lieder
Bernard Parmeggiani - "Ondes Croisées" De Natura Sonorum

thai-tibetan buddha machines

Tecnosterona 04/08/2007

Nurse with Wound - Rat Tapes One
Atsushi Tsuyama - Starring as Henry Human Horse

Tibet: Musiques Sacrées

FM3: Buddha Machine

William S. Burroughs - Break Through in the Grey Room

Terre Thaemlitz - Lovebomb

Can - Tago Mago

Friedrich Nietzsche - "Monodie for two"

Threshold Houseboys Choir - So Free It Knows No End

the show so far...

Devido a problemas técnicos, tácticos e estratégicos, mas, sobretudo, a Jacques Lacan, não foi possível actualizar as playlists dos últimos programas do tecnosterona, pelo que aqui se apresentam sinceras desculpas.
Well, it all started with the organist losing his clothes as he sat down at the organ, and after this had happened and we had seen the titles of the show, we saw Biggles dictating a leter to his secretary who thought he was Spanish and who he referred to as a "harlot" and a "woman of the night" although she preferred to be called a "courtesan". Then we saw some people trying to climb a road in Uxbridge and then there were some cartoons and then some lifeboat men came into a woman's sitting room and after a bit the woman went out to buy some cakes on a lifeboat and then a naval officer jumped into the sea. Then we saw a man telling us about storage jars from Bolivia and then there were some more cartoons and then a man told us about what had happened on the show so far and a great hammer came and hit him on the head. (confused) I don't remember that! (a great hammer comes and hits him on the head). Doravante será feito um esforço acrescido para que tal não volte a repetir-se.