A 20 de Maio de 2006 a equipa do tecnosterona actuou numa festa de aniversário e hoje tornou pública essa performance.


"Walking women want to see the southern cross at night
And so they set aside a sock, and tie their laces tight
Yes mournful is the melody that echoes in their heads
Without a beat they march along, believing Bach is dead"
The Residents, Duck Stab, 1978

o que foi:

Nurse With Wound/ Cyclobe – “Root Canal Splinter (Penetration mix)” (Angry Eelectric Finger (Spitch'cock One)) 2004
Shim Sang-gun – “Chinhyangjo” (Kayagum Sanjo) Anos 30
Shim Sang-gun – “Chung jung mori (1)” (Kayagum Sanjo) 1927
Michio Miyagi – “Sakura Henso-Kyaku” (Masterpieces of Koto by M. Miyagi) 1957

Sato Chiyako – “Haha no uta” ? 1930
The Residents (w/ Snakefinger) – “Sinister Exaggerator” (Duck Stab) 1978
Costin Miereanau – “Parte seconda (prima)” (Luna Cinese) 1975

Doo-Dooettes – “(Twenty four)” (Live at the Brand) 1976

Anal Magic & the Rev. Dwight Frizzell – “O what joy it is to know you have a turtle heart” + "Pre-Transformation of Turtle to Bird" (Beyond the Black Crack) 1976
Brainticket – “Radagacuca” (Psychonaut) 1972
Surprieze – “Lazarus” (
Zeer Oude Klanken en Heel Nieuwe Geluiden) 1973

(o que não foi:
Gamelan GongSekar Anjar and Gendèr Wajang – “Sekar Sungsang” (The Exotic Sounds of
Bali) s/d

Ghédalia Tazartès – “Rien qu’au soleil” (Diasporas & Tazartès) 1977-80’
Maschine nº9 – “Titel 1” (Headmovie) 1974)

la mystérieuse nuit A(d)vent Bach

"La première oreille a tout divisé
La deuxième oreille a tout multiplié
La troisième oreille a tout unifié"

Otto von Schirach – “Trick Snitch” (Maxipad Detention) 2006
Venetian Snares – “Cadmium Lung Jacket” (Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding) 2004
Otto von Schirach – “The Seventh Juggler” (Maxipad Detention) 2006
Wolf Eyes – “4 untitled track” (Slicer) 2002
Man is The Bastard – “Denied Psychotic Human pt.2” (Throne is Melting) 2002
Nord – “Entract” (Nord) 1981
Maurizio Bianchi – “Accop (6) Ethe” (Symphony for a Genocide) 1981(1998CD)
D.A.F. – “Der Räuber und der Prinz” (Alles ist Gut) 1981
Gorilla Aktiv – “Umsonst Ohne Risiko/Suono Seguito” (Umsonst Ohne Risiko) 1982
Otto von Schirach – “La Sangre del Dedo Intelecto” (Global Speaker Fisting) 2004
Otto von Schirach – “Fractal Nut Vinigerette” (Global Speaker Fisting) 2004
Célomalabit – “Tikiki” 2006?
Luc Ferrari – “Presque Rien n.2 side A” (Presque Rien) 1980
L’infonie – “Concerto en Ré Mineur (Allegro)” (Vol. 333) 1972

two shaves and a shine

A reedição do disco "An Awkward Pause" dos Nurse With Wound, em duplo CD, traz uma pequena surpresa: uma faixa de aproximadamente 2 minutos, intitulada "Two Shaves and a Shine (Ingredients) Create your own track!".
No dia 25 de Novembro, a emissão do vosso programa de rádio favorito foi inteiramente cozinhada utilizando apenas esses mesmos ingredientes.

Two Shaves and a Shine remix contest!
As most of you know, disc 2 of our 'An Awkward Pause' reissue contains a track entitled 'Two Shaves and a Shine (Ingredients) Create your own track!'. We've decided to take that literally and have a contest which will allow you, the listener, to create your own version of 'Two Shaves' and submit it to us.All completed tracks will be uploaded by you to the site at and passed on to Steven. After the competition is closed (December 31, 2006), Steven will choose his favorites, with one entry being selected as the winner.At that point, we will post the Fave 10 on the site and allow you to download both the tracks and custom artwork (designed by Steven), to make your own CD of Steven's favorites. The winner will receive the original piece of Steven's art which was used to form the basis of the CD cover.The discs will be in stock in the last week of October. Allowing for possible delays and mailing time as well, it should still leave a good 4–6 weeks for you to create your masterpiece! RulesAll tracks must include some portion of each element of 'Two Shaves and a Shine' as released on 'An Awkward Pause'. All tracks are to be no longer than 5 minutes. All tracks are to be uploaded in MP3 format, with a bit rate of 128 kbps and a sample rate of 44.100 kHz. You can, if you wish, give your track a title and specify an artist/band name for yourself (you can of course use your real name). This information can be supplied on the upload form. It is recommended that you name your MP3 file so that it includes your real name and/or track title, to make identification easier for us at this end. Tracks must be uploaded to the site by 11:59 pm (US PST) December 31, 2006. Contest winners will be announced by March 31, 2007. A valid email address must be included. By uploading a track you are consenting to allow the track to be made available for free download and copying from should your track be chosen as one of Steven's Top 10.

máquina preservadora FNAC

A emissão do dia 21 de Outubro tem como pano de fundo o concerto de Máquina Preservadora, gravado no mesmo dia, no espaço FNAC em Coimbra.

A "
Máquina Preservadora" [inspiração num conto de Philip K. Dick] é um processo viral que subverte a intenção inicial de conservar a obra de arte musical num organismo animal. Uma obra de arte não pode ser conservada, mas apenas corrompida e transformada pelo Tempo que ela própria abre. O animal é uma estrutura maquinal, mas viscosa, fluida, instável, e nunca simplesmente mecânica, pelo que baralha as regras da causalidade eficiente e tende a fugir aos mecanismos do Império da Prisão de Ferro Negro. "Máquina Preservadora" é, então, o vírus que corrompe e modifica, o movimento delirante num colete-de-forças, a inversão da matemática criativa que desmultiplica o 3 do 1 em Pi, o lapso, a falha, o hiato de som a que chamamos ruído, o bip de um desfibrilador num troço de auto-estrada.

Máquina Preservadora (parte I)
Throbbing Gristle, "Dream Machine"
Pan Sonic & Alan Vega, "Endless" (Endless)
Máquina Presevadora (parte II)
Akira Rabelais, "Gymnopedie No.1" (Eisotrophobia)
Alva Noto, "Autoshape" (Transspray)