guia estéreo para cristais, radiofonias e anfíbios

" Crystal sound therapy is a system in which sound is generated from crystals to therapeutic effect. This process uses highly tuned electromagnetic waves to excite individual crystals so that they emit audible sound waves; each crystal has an individual note at which it resonates, that is vibrates and gives off sound energy." Harry Oldfield

Harry Oldfield - Energy is Eternal Delight ("Crystal") 1990
La Monte Young - Drift Study (Theatre of Eternal Music) 1973
Christian Marty & Philippe Gaucher - Bufo Granulosus, Epipedobates Femoralis, Scinax Proboscideus, Hyla Brevifrons (Guide sonore des amphibiens de Guyane) 1999
MIlan Stibilj - Rainbow (Eletronic 2000 - Philips) 1970
George W. Bush - The night before christmas 2006
Yves Daoust - Fantaisie (Musiques Naïves) 1986
Test Department - Nadka (Terra Firma) 1988
Roger Reynolds - Eclipse: voicespace III (Voicespace) 1992
Andrew Liles - The Presbytery has lost Nothing of its Charms nor the Garden its Brightness (Mother goose's melody or sonnets for the cradle) 2005
Culturcide - Depressed Christmas

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