frosty cold november

A playlist de hoje:

Kuupuu - "Aava" (Kulta Sulka) 2006
Kuupuu - "Myrsky Laulu" (Kulta Sulka) 2006
Chris Watson & BJ Nilsen - "Sigwx" (Storm) 2006
Paivasande - "Sihitaikina" (Maan Matoset - compil.) 2005
Erkki Kurenniemi - "On-Off" (Äänityksiä / Recordings 1963-1973) 2002
Paavoharju - "Sumuvirsi" (Laulu Laakson Kukista) 2008
Sunburned Hand of the Man - "The Twin Gates"+
"Every Direction" (No Magic Man) 2004
Pierre Henry - "Jugement" (Le Livre des Morts Egyptien) 1986-88 (1994)
Sunburned Hand of the Man - "Camel backwards" (Rare Wood) 2004
Brenda Lee - "I'm sorry" 1960
Inland Empire - "Intro" (Inland Empire OST) 2006
Sunburned Hand of the Man - "Elix it" (Magnetic Drugs) 2003

NEKHT, THE CAPTAIN OF SOLDIERS, THE ROYAL SCRIBE, SINGETH A HYMN OF PRAISE TO RA, and saith:- Homage to thee, O thou glorious Being, thou who art dowered [with all sovereignty]. O Tem-Heru-Khuti (Tem- Harmakhis), when thou risest in the horizon of heaven a cry of joy goeth forth to thee from all people. O thou beautiful Being, thou dost renew thyself in thy season in the form of the Disk, within thy mother Hathor. Therefore in every place every heart swelleth with joy at thy rising for ever. The regions of the South and the North come to thee with homage, and send forth acclamations at thy rising on the horizon of heaven, and thou illuminest the Two Lands with rays of turquoise-[coloured] light. O Ra, who art Heru-Khuti, the divine man-child, the heir of eternity, self-begotten and self-born, king of the earth, prince of the Tuat (the Other World), governor of Aukert, thou didst come from the Water-god, thou didst spring from the Sky-god Nu, who doth cherish thee and order thy members. O thou god of life, thou lord of love, all men live when thou shinest; thou art crowned king of the gods. The goddess Nut embraceth thee, and the goddess Mut enfoldeth thee at all seasons. Those who are in thy following sing unto thee with joy, and they bow down their foreheads to the earth when they meet thee, the lord of heaven, the lord of the earth, the King of Truth, the lord of eternity, the prince of everlastingness, thou sovereign of all the gods, thou god of life, thou creator of eternity, thou maker of heaven wherin thou art firmly stablished.

[APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nekhtu-Amen, ed. Naville, I, 5)]

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